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  • PERFECT TIME for a remote healing to assist you and your loved ones. We can do it together as a phone call, FaceTime, or What's App!


  • Add to Cart: Reg $199 now just $99 for an emotion code healing with Alice Tickner!


  • YOU CAN USE THIS HEALING to check up to six people in your family to see if they are carrying a “NO WILL TO LIVE” or “A WILL TO DIE” and then have those subconscious energies removed and replaced with EMBRACING LIFE WITH ENTHUSIASM AND LOVE


  • OR YOU CAN USE THIS HEALING FOR ONE PERSON (Presumably yourself) to check on the above to make sure that you are not carrying a will to die or no will to live.  And then you can carry on to heal whatever is the most important to you next.  You may want to have a heart wall removed to create more successful relationships.  You may want to have trapped emotions that are causing pain in certain parts of your body.  We work with with a  Higher Power of your choice and together the healing that I have been witnessing has been amazing!


  • ONE MOTHER WAS CONCERNED ABOUT HER VIDEO OBSESSED SON.  With one healing, within six weeks he went from going to school if he felt like it, but basically spending his days and nights playing violent video games by himself in his bedroom, to going to school regularly, doing his homework, having a part time job, joining a church group and having a girlfriend!  How wonderful is that!


  • ANOTHER CLIENT HAD BEEN HEARING A NEGATIVE VOICE for decades, and had been in the psyche ward more than once over this, and had gone to many counselling appointments with no results!  One session with me and that was healed and she has not heard the voice since, which was months ago.


  • ANOTHER CLIENT HAD BEEN PURPOSEFULLY PUSHED DOWN and had landed on her elbows over 20 years ago. Her elbows were often painful with a change in weather. We removed trapped emotions for her and her elbows have been pain free ever since.


  • I HAVE BEEN DOING HEALING WORK for over 35 years with rebirthing and past life regressions.  I have experienced and witnessed other healing modalities, and I have never encountered anything like the present healing I am doing.  It is an effective but gentle and permanent kind of healing, with not a lot of drama.  This healing is not a replacement for a doctor and I am not suggesting that the healing will prevent you from getting the Coved-19 Virus, but it may assist some people in the results.


  • WE CAN HELP WITH AN ABUSIVE PAST in gentle but miraculous ways!


  • MOST OF MY CLIENTS are females.  There have been a few over the past three years that once I have helped them to remove their heart walls, which they put up to stop themselves from being hurt, but didn’t realize that it also kept out the love as well as the hurt, have ended up in lovely, permanent relationships.




  • IDEAL TIME TO WORK WITH ALICE REMOTELY.  I work with people of all ages, all backgrounds and all beliefs.  I also work with pets.  I look forward to working with you and your family.  All sessions are private and confidential.  Gift this Island Daily Deal to anyone, anywhere!  And I am happy to give you more details as to how I started using this healing and different ways it has helped me and my family. Thank you, Alice

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  • Session are offered over a phone call, on Face Time or on Whats App.
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