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Top 3 Questions

  • PayPal & PayPal Guest Checkout (site default)
  • Interac E-Transfers (Live Chat with us)
  • Credit Card via phone (Request a callback)
  • Cash/Credit/Debit in-office.
  • Island Daily Deals has a 7 day Full Refund Policy. This allows you to make purchases with the peace–of–mind that any mistakes or accidents can be quickly and easily corrected. As long as you request a refund within 7 days of your purchase and the voucher is unused, we can guarantee a full refund.

  • Live Chat with us! Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm.
  • Create a Support Ticket to send us an email.
  • General

    Island Daily Deals is the best place to find amazing discounts on the best products and services across Vancouver Island. Our website offers you the opportunity to explore new and exciting businesses in your area: Restaurants, Accommodations, Attractions, Spa’s & Esthetics, Massages, Automotive, you name it! We’re dedicated to bringing our subscribers the best deals!

    Simply visit this link, or reach out to us on our Advertise Your Business page, and you’ll be connected with an awesome member of our Business Development Team! They’ll be happy to discuss putting together the perfect feature to help grow your business.

    Using collective buying power, the strength of our amazing followers, the brilliance of our core team, a plethora of amazing Island businesses, the intensity of the internet and a dash of awesome, we show you the best things to see, eat and do on Vancouver Island; from hidden gems to a business you already know and love, we just may have it.

    That’s easy! Simply click the ‘Buy Now’ button to get started (don’t forget, deals have a time limit and finite number of vouchers available). You’ll then be taken to your Shopping Cart; you’ll need to either Sign Up or Login, then checkout using PayPal or PayPal Guest Checkout. After you checkout, your voucher will be sent via email & stored in your IDD Account Dashboard.

    Simply visit this link, then enter your name and email. You can also opt-in while creating your IDD account.

    We’re sorry to see you go! Our emails contain a “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom (you may have to click View Entire Message or See More, depending on your email client).

    Yes! Simply scroll to the bottom of any of our emails and select “Update Preferences”, which will allow you to update your email preferences for the deal types and locations you receive.

    Purchase and Payment

    First, go to the page of the deal you’re interested in and click “Buy Now”, leading you to your Shopping Cart. From there, click 'Proceed to Checkout' and you are taken to PayPal’s secure checkout (No PayPal account required). Sign in to PayPal or click 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card' and complete your purchase. Finally, a link to your voucher is emailed to you, and is stored within your IDD account.

  • PayPal & PayPal Guest Checkout (site default)
  • Interac E-Transfers (Live Chat with us)
  • Credit Card over the Phone (Request a callback)
  • Cash/Credit/Debit in-office.
    • A few scenarios may cause this:

  • First, verify all information has been input correctly, and that the card is not expired.
  • Billing details entered must match your card company’s records.
  • Other possibilities include insufficient funds, a hold placed on your card by the issuing institution, etc.
  • PayPal support is best equipped to answer questions about transactions not completing.
  • Please allow a slight delay for PayPal to process your transaction; generally, this delay is less than 60 seconds, however this can reach 5-10 minutes during high traffic — unsure? Contact our friendly Support Team!

    No worries! If you’re certain you only want one and have no lucky friends who could use it, or if the Fine Print restricts to one per person, give us a shout within 7-days of your purchase, and we’ll be happy to help.

    Redeeming a voucher

    • Vouchers can be redeemed by printing a copy and bringing it to the associated business – some accept just the code or mobile versions as well; call ahead if you’d like to check!
    • Print your voucher. All active vouchers can be viewed in your Account Dashboard, once logged in. Click the “Print” button next to voucher you’d like to print.
    • Read the fine print! Some vouchers have special instructions, and some require appointments / reservations.
    • Present your printed voucher to the merchant at time of booking / redemption.
    • Enjoy your deal!

    Easy! Either log into your IDD account here, track down the original email we sent following your purchase, or simply reach out to our friendly Support Team using the email you purchased with!

    • Tell you what, if we can’t answer your question ourselves (rare, but challenge accepted), we’ll share your question with the merchant and get back to you ASAP!
    • Alternatively, you’re welcome to contact the business offering the deal for accurate and complete details. You can find their contact details on the deal page as well as on your voucher.
    • In some cases, vouchers may be subject to additional charges, which are detailed in the Fine Print.
    • Taxes: (unless otherwise stated, merchants are always responsible for collecting tax on vouchers upon redemption).
    • Tip/Gratuity: if your service deserved a tip, we recommend you tip on the full, pre-discounted amount of the service. Many employees depend on tips for a considerable portion of their income, and we wouldn’t want to see anybody suffer a loss of income for accepting one of our vouchers.
    • Other Fees & Surcharges: In some (rare) cases, businesses may collect additional fees or surcharges associated with their industry. These details would also be contained in the deal’s Fine Print.
    • Don’t worry – sometimes our promotions can have an impact on a business’ response time due to phone calls, email inquires, social media, etc.
    • Let us know with a Support Ticket – we’ll happily share your contact details directly with the provider to get you connected!

    Policies and Conditions

    Island Daily Deals has a 7 day Full Refund Policy. This allows you to make purchases with the peace–of–mind that any mistakes or accidents can be quickly and easily corrected. As long as you request a refund within 7 days of your purchase and the voucher is unused, we can guarantee a full refund.

    • Give us a shout – we’ll ensure you’re aware of all possible options for your specific purchase, and facilitate a resolution. That’s right, facilitate.
    • After 7–days, refunds are treated on a case–by–case basis. For refunds taking place outside of the 7–day window, funds are returned in the form of an IDD credit applied to your account – credits do not expire, nor do they have purchase limits or restrictions, and auto–apply to your next purchase(s).
    • Island Daily Deals can NOT offer refunds on expired vouchers, as funds for the deal have already been transferred to the merchant.
    • If you would like a refund on a purchase, simply contact our Support Team, being sure to include your voucher code and outline the reason for your request.
    • As noted above, Island Daily Deals cannot offer refunds on expired vouchers. However, you do have a few options available if you’re unable to redeem prior to expiry.
    • First, please reach out to the business offering the promotion to see if they’re willing to accommodate your situation. We always like to offer businesses the opportunity to resolve such situations; contact information for the business is available on your voucher.
    • If the business cannot accommodate you and the voucher has not yet expired, please contact our Support Team prior to expiry, and we’ll do our best to find a resolution for you.
    • Finally, all our vouchers (with rare exceptions, such as seasonal and event–based deals such as concerts) can be redeemed for their cash–value (price paid) toward the same product/service for a period of up to 6–months post–expiry, at the merchant’s discretion.
    • Every deal has particular Fine Print that can be viewed prior to purchasing on the deal page, or once purchased, on the voucher itself.
    • In addition, all deals are subject to our Primary IDDeal Conditions, unless otherwise stated. These include Applicable taxes due upon redemption, gratuities are not included, one-time redemption (must use voucher in 1 visit), no cash/credit back, and cannot combine with other offers.

    While feedback is most beneficial when provided to the handling business, Island Daily Deals prides ourselves on hosting reliable, quality businesses across Vancouver Island. If our customers are having issues, we want to know! Feedback can be sent to our Support Team.

    Create a Support Ticket, or Facebook us, or visit our Support page. For the most effective service, please include as many details as possible, including voucher codes if relevant, as well as your contact details.