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  • Experience the Lucia N°03 Light - sit back, relax, and close your eyes as you listen to soft music, while the light brings you into a world of unimaginable peace and beauty!


  • Buy Option 1: $100 just $24.99 for a 60-minute Light Therapy Appointment!


  • Your initial session will start with one or two 2-3 minute trial session(s), followed by a longer light session dependant on the comfort zone for your trial session(s).


  • Soft music is used throughout to enhance the experience. You may bring your own, however soft, classical music without words is required for the ultimate relaxing experience.


  • A selection of the many reported benefits includes rapid & sustained deep relaxation, anxiety, stress & depression reduction, regulated & restful sleep, improved creativity & awareness and much more.


  • Celebrate Enchanted Power's Grand Opening this July - grab a voucher for 75% off a 60-minute light therapy session, valid until September 30th!

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More Details

The brain changes its electrical and biochemical activity when interacting with light. The pineal gland (glandula pinealis), located deep in the center of the brain, becomes stimulated for secretion of awareness-activating hormones.

It has been proven that, besides melatonin, which influences our day/night rhythm, DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is also found in this small, conical organ. DMT is an effective psychedelic neurotransmitter which is associated with sleep, meditative situations, and even near-death experiences.

It has been scientifically proven that the pineal gland possesses photosensor skills, therefore it is often referred to as the “third-eye” in many cultures and religions.  Rene Descartes even called it “the seat of the soul”; Dr Rick Strassman described it as “a portal to consciousness”.

Lucia N°03 is a high-tech instrument that, due to its light rhythms, can initiate electrical activities in the brain which lead to a reorientation in the functional network of neurons. The  “bi-directional neurofeedback method” reflects the brain activity in the eye of the beholder and so he/she learns to take influence on it. This measurable synchronization of brainwaves gives access to creative, healthful and even spiritual experiences.

Read Dr Engelbert Winkler's Research Results in relation to the Lucia N°03

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