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  • The Art of Hypnosis is a therapy that uses your subconscious mind to correct imbalanced thinking; removing negative, limiting beliefs & decisions. Today's deals allow you to experience this power, at a fraction of the cost, brought to you by Able Body Consulting in Nanaimo!


  • Option 1Reg $150 now just $75 for a Hypnotherapy Session with Germana from Able Body Consulting in Nanaimo!


  • Option 2Reg $500 now just $250 for 4 Hypnotherapy Sessions with Germana from Able Body Consulting in Nanaimo! 


  • A mind, body, and soul healer, who truly walks the talk. Services are fully customized and tailored to your specific needs and goals; packages are recommended for depression, guilt, weight management, anger, and more; contact Heart Consulting today for further details.


  • Germana is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with nearly 25 years experience and is in good standing with the Canadian Hypnotherapy Association. Her level of certification took 8 years of continuing education. She has proudly opened a school called "Heart Song Hypnotherapy School", fully accredited & recognized by the Canadian Hypnotherapy Association.


  • For your convenience, Germana also offers Skype sessions! This allows her to service near and far, without restriction. As an added bonus, coupon holders receive a special discount on the Self Hypnosis CD; only $15! (regular $25)



  • Discover Hypnotherapy with Germana @ Able Body Consulting today, and embrace the personal power, peace, and health you deserve!

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We all enter a hypnotic trance 6 or more times a day, and with our eyes wide open! Whenever you start to drift off into a light daydream, you are essentially entering an altered state. Germana provides a safe space, allowing you to feel secure and let go of what doesn't work for you, and replace with self-valuing thoughts & behaviours.

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy as a modality, allows many clients to clear and resolve their problems within 7 sessions, or even less! The Art of Hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind and works directly on the subconscious mind (the root of all change and learning).

Hypnotherapy sessions are conducted in Nanaimo, however online sessions can also be arranged, to service Duncan, Parksville, and beyond.


“It was a recommendation by my massage therapist that led me to hypnotherapy and Germana. My massage therapist believed that my shoulder and neck problems could be a result of long-term stress and emotional problems that had to be released. I had been seeing a local counselor for two years dealing with problems associated with emotional abuse from an unfaithful husband and an extremely painful divorce. But after all this counseling, I still had many unanswered questions. I was not too sure what to expect from hypnotherapy, my only experience with hypnosis was through entertainment at the bar and I really didn’t believe that I could actually be hypnotized and that it was actually going to help. I had two sessions with Germana, she explained the process of hypnosis and made me feel extremely comfortable. Not only did she relieve the tension in my neck and shoulders, but I also got all my questions answered. I now feel like I have been given a glimpse of the real reason why I am here and feel like I now know a secret and that no matter what happens in my life from now on, it is just all part of a larger plan for me. I would like to thank Germana for opening up a new world to me and introducing me to a therapy that I am anxious to learn and share with others.”
~ Website testimonial

"Throughout this experience, my relationship with Germana has gone beyond a professional level and I absolutely enjoy having the spiritual nature of our relationship in my life. My life has become much more enriched by getting to know Germana on a spiritual level and I will continue to use her services. I also continue to recommend her to others.”
~ Cynthia (Website testimonial)

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