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  • One of the toughest aspects of growing your own food is planning out what to grow and when to plant it, luckily, we've got you covered.  


  • Our team of natural gardeners understand how to grow without the use of pesticides and herbicides.  We grow 100% chemical free and always ensure that we use the most natural methods possible, while still producing great crop yields!


  • This promotion puts the plan in your hand.  Simply use our step-by-step plan to grow your own naturally grown produce year after year. 


  • Add to Cart: Reg $149 now just $39 for a custom garden design by the experts at Web Limitless!


  • Each promo includes:

    • DIY Digital Garden Design

    • DIY maintenance plan so you know exactly when to plant and when to harvest

    • 1 year of crop rotations planned out so you can grow year-round while improving your soils health!

    • Companion planting to reduce pests, plant disease, and ensure optimal growth

    • Growing guide for each plant in your garden

    • Customized plan based on your preferences 

    • Up to 3 produce growing beds designed.  (Additional beds designed for an extra cost). 

    • Our plans average $500 worth of GMO-Free, Naturally Grown, Extremely Local produce each month! (When grown in optimal conditions)

    • Plans incorporate organic methods which help reduce any costs associated with extra nutrients and chemicals.  

    • Plants are specific to your region. 


  • Additional Information: 
    • Not on the west coast?  We'll still plan your garden out! 
    • Wanting to make gardening easier?  Have our natural gardeners take care of your garden for less than your average lawn maintenance plan!
    • Are you in an apartment or condo?  We can incorporate vertical gardening and/or artificial lighting to ensure you can still grow your own food. (contact for details)
    • Garden is designed based on your answers on our questionnaire.  No need for a home visit. 
    • Results are not guaranteed on DIY plan. 
    • Need seeds?  Option to purchase GMO-Free seeds specific for your garden after the design is planned out.  


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