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  • Discover your unique neural oscillation/brainwave patterns with 60% off a Brainwave Assessment at Mind Body Lab in Victoria!


  • Learn how the patterns of electricity and energy in your brain directly impact your life, create your habits, and shape who you are. 


  • Each assessment is approximately 2 hours and includes a 20-minute relaxing optimization session at the end. It’s a non-invasive, non-stressful way to find out about your brain function.


  • Using non-invasive EEG sensors, your technologist will collect data from six different areas of the brain while the brain is both at rest and on task.


  • This data is processed together with precision measurement devices, and sophisticated algorithms, projected onto hundreds of graphs to be analyzed and generated into individual protocols that are later used during a series of optimization sessions (separate booking) to help balance the brainwave patterns in your brain results in a wide array of positive outcomes.


  • Imagine your potential if you prioritized your brain's health; purchase your coupon and book your appointment, preparing the path to live your happiest, healthiest life!

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  • Appointments required (subject to availability)
  • 24-hour cancellation notice or voucher is void
  • Pre-session surveys to be completed prior to appointment
  • All data collected is held in the strictest of confidence
  • Assessment lasts ~2 hours
  • Waiver to be completed upon redemption
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The Brainwave Assessment gives you a chance to learn about Brainwave Optimization®, a sophisticated technology that uses the brain's own power and intelligence to self-regulate.

You will learn how brainwave patterns have a significant impact on the quality of life. Clients report that they feel better, sleep better, and enjoy increased clarity, enhanced intellectual and physical performance and a greater sense of happiness and hope.

Brainwave Optimization works because of neuroplasticity, meaning that the brain can transform old patterns held in suspense for years. New neural pathways develop allowing you to return to balance and harmony. It is holistic, non-invasive, and self-regulating. A Brainwave Optimization session feels very much like an induced state of relaxation while you experience your own brainwaves transformed into sounds that melodically guide your brain back to balance.

The brain is the most sophisticated system that we know of in the universe, thus we keep "ourselves" out of the way and let the brain do its work. Each brain is unique, like a snowflake or an iris and so each optimization session is individually tailored to each person.

The best approach to your Brainwave Optimization® session is to embrace your potential and to see your creative side emerging freely in all areas of your life. Focus on what you want to bring forth once the obstacles that arise from imbalance subside.

A balanced brain helps with focus, attention, memory, depression, anxiety, learning, trauma, concussion, addiction, creativity, meditation and more! Over 60,000 people worldwide have experienced breakthroughs utilizing Brainwave Optimization. Many who find their way to Brainwave Optimization do so after years of searching and frustration in working to overcome life challenges.

User Reviews

"After being diagnosed with anxiety and depression after a bad car accident when I was 17, I completely turned into a different person. I couldn't hold a conversation, couldn't fall asleep or stay asleep, had a hard time retaining information, I had the worst mood swings, and I couldn't concentrate on anything...I can honestly say this program is the best decision I have ever made. It has only been a week since I started the 5 day program and I'm already noticing small changes.."
~ Taylor Q. (Facebook review)

"I had really tried everything and had no idea my brain had ability to rewire itself and stay that way with out being on any medications, this modern technology gave me my life back.
~ Madison L. (Social media review)

"I was pretty blown away by this service... Alyssa worked with my younger daughter and really had the most genuine personality I have ever come across in this field while trying A LOT of different services so this is saying a lot. Alyssa spoke to me explained a complex program exceptionally well and also explained it to my younger daughter in a completely different way to help her understand too. She really listened to my little girl and made her feel so comfort and welcomed. She spoke a lot about the brain to her and always gave her confidence and touched on how we are all unique and have different quirks and to never see them as flaws. She was a very empowering young women, and after trying so many things I feel so grateful my daughter got to spend all the time with Alyssa that she did. Alyssa still checks in regularly. The technology is amazing and did great things for my daughter but I am ever more blown away by this service."
~ Derek K. (Google review)

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