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  • Private Hypnotherapy dedicated to helping intelligent women, who may feel unfulfilled and stuck, reach their full potential by letting go of whatever is weighing them down.


  • Add to Cart: Reg. $100 now just $60 for one session of Clinical Hypnotherapy with Sonja, registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, at Hypnotherapy By Sonja in Comox Valley!


  • Hypnosis has been around since the Egyptians. Hieroglyphics show ancient Egyptians using hypnosis in the Egyptian sleep temples. It seems that these temples were places where worshippers were put to sleep and priests suggested cures for differing types of illnesses. The procedure for formal hypnotic induction as it is known and used today actually came from these priests.


  • In a new scientific study from 2021, researchers showcased that the way our brain processes information is fundamentally altered during hypnosis.


  • Researchers from the University of Turku, Finland, found that during hypnosis the brain shifted to a state where individual brain regions acted more independently of each other.


  • As hypnotherapy becomes more accepted by mainstream science, doctors and insurance companies are recognizing the benefits of hypnosis and starting to recommend and refer their clients for treatments. As of today, hypnosis in Canada is an unregulated industry.


  • Anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist, or hypnosis master. Be sure to make sure that whomever you choose, is accredited and registered with a recognized Canadian association. I completed my training and was Certified by ARCH Canada in 2009.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy is a special branch of alternative medicine that uses a combination of hypnosis and psychotherapy techniques as a method to create unconscious change by introducing new beliefs, responses, thoughts, behavioral changes and changes in attitude into the subconscious mind. Contrary to popular belief, a patient is not “put under” and has complete control over his or her actions.

Clinical Hypnotherapists are trained in protocols that not only allow them to help their clients create subconscious change but to also discover the root cause of the issues that are the source of the needed change. Clinical Hypnotherapists are extensively trained in how to plan and customize their clients’ sessions, there is no cookie cutter approach or protocol scripts that work for everyone, our needs are as unique and individual as our fingerprints.


I have had numerous therapy sessions with Sonjia, I first went to see her for serious insomnia, and I was only sleeping between four and five hours a night. After my first session, I started sleeping better, I actually slept a solid 8 hours!! After my second session, I am now sleeping a regular 8-hour night, it has been a game-changer for me. The hypnosis has helped me not just with my sleep issues, but has also helped with general anxiety and relaxation! I highly recommend Sonja. She is a true professional and a master at her profession. -- Yvonne


I have attended a couple of hypno-sessions with Sonja. I had no specific objective in mind at the time and did so out of curiosity to see what the experience was about and what I might derive from it. To say it was interesting is an understatement. The sessions allowed me to explore facets of myself that were not obvious to me, yet were having impact on who I am and how I live life. The sessions are an enlightening path to self-discovery and self-understanding and are well worth the time and effort  --  D.D.

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